Say Goodbye to Guesswork.
Say Hello to 24/7 App Monitoring
Logify’s 24/7 monitoring and crash reporting service will give you the answers you’ll need to deliver stable and robust solutions without guesswork or speculation. With Logify, you’ll know when your app crashed and why. It’s designed to empower you and your team – so you can recognize weaknesses within your app and can focus your energies at solving reproducible problems.
Focus on Issues that Matter
Logify was designed so you can focus on genuine issues – issues that matter most to you and your enterprise. With Logify, you can define custom rules to isolate meaningful and relevant app crash events. You can ignore unimportant data and spend your time analyzing and addressing valid issues that led to a given crash event. Yes, with Logify, you won’t get buried with meaningless reports – you can focus on what matters.
How Logify Works
Thanks to some great feedback from software developers such as yourself, we’ve taken every possible step to simplify usage and get you up and running in the shortest possible time. When you’re ready to use Logify, simply register with the DevExpress Logify Alert Service, obtain an API key, and add a few lines of Logify reporting code to your app. Yes, three basic steps and your app will be monitored 24/7.
Quick Start
See how you can integrate Logify with just a few lines of code with our SDK.
Collect Crash Data
Learn how Logify gathers crash data across all its supported development platforms.
Analyze Issues
Read how you can fix bugs faster and deliver more stable apps with Logify’s 24/7 service.
Data Security
Logify has been designed to protect your data using today’s most advanced technologies and web services.
Reliable Infrastructure
The highest possible uptime powered by Microsoft Azure
Secure Connections
Connections are established through secure and encrypted TLS/SSL channel
Encrypted Storage
All data is stored in an isolated database with full at-rest encryption
Secured Transactions
Your recurring payments are securely processed through Authorize .NET
Everyday Backups
Rest easy with the knowledge that your data is backed up on a daily basis
For more information on our data security layer and how we strive to protect your data, feel free to write to us at
Subscription Plans
Logify is a monthly subscription service. The table below describes the benefits of each pricing tier. Should you have any questions on our prices, write to us at
Monthly Price
Annual Price