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Lock & Load
Start Monitoring Your Apps in Minutes:
  • Register your application and get an API key
  • Add the Logify Alert Client to your project
  • Enable automatic reporting
  • It’s done! You're a legend, take the rest of the day off.
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Clear and Concise Exception Reporting
With Logify, you will never have to deal with Visual Studio’s inner exception details. Logify presents all relevant information in a human-friendly, clutter-free manner. From loaded modules and cookies to browser info, OS build, user activity – Logify will organize results so you can address issues in the shortest possible time.
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Bend It to Your Will
Logify was designed to make your life easier. Its built-in search panel allows you to locate anything, anywhere. It allows you to sort against various criteria (including report status) and to highlight report states so you can process crash event information more efficiently.
And yes, all reports have embedded counters that display how many users have faced this very issue. This means you won't get same reports over and over again.
Integration with Third-Party
Development Tools/Platforms
Logify Alert allows you to integrate its capabilities with today’s most popular development
systems via its application settings.
Configure Clients
without Redeploy
Logify allows you to configure clients remotely. You can change clients settings on the fly and never need to hassle your users with reinstallation when a new version of your application hits the street.
Focus on What Matters
Logify gives you the ability to manually ignore an irrelevant report or automatically blacklist reports you do not wish to receive.
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Automatic Translation
Ikiwa programu yako inatumika duniani kote, chini ya maeneo mengi, bado unaweza kupata ripoti kwa Kiingereza.
Oh wait, you don't speak Swahili…fear not, we do.
Logify can automatically translate all reports with non-English locales or leave them in their original language.
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"I didn't Do It!"
Logify’s automatic "My Code" detection feature allows you to instantly determine whether a crash was caused by issues in your code or whether the fault lies in a third party library.
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Data Security
Logify has been designed to protect your data using today’s most advanced technologies and web services.
Reliable Infrastructure
The highest possible uptime powered
by Microsoft Azure
Secure Connections
Connections are established through secure and encrypted TLS/SSL channel
Everyday Backups
Rest easy with the knowledge that your data is backed up on a daily basis
Encrypted Storage
All data is stored in an isolated database with full at-rest encryption
Secured Transactions
Your recurring payments are securely processed through Authorize .NET
For more information on our data security layer and how we strive to protect your data, feel free to write to us at