Logify Alert

DevExpress Logify Alert is an automated application-monitoring cloud service that delivers crash reports to your centralized control panel. Basic setup is simple, and once complete, your application automatically begins to catch and report unhandled exceptions.

Logify also enables you to set up report filtering, trigger notifications manually, and add custom data to reports. You can also reroute notifications to a third-party logging service or your issue tracking tool of choice.

Basic Setup for Automatic Crash Reporting

Log in to, to obtain an API key for your application, and add a few lines of code to your project. The updated application will automatically report unhandled exceptions to the Logify Alert service.

Refer to the following topics for platform-specific instructions:

Use the Logify API to Send Reports Manually

During the basic setup process, you integrate a Logify Alert client library into your application and enable automatic reporting. You can also use the client library API to send reports manually or extend automatic reports with custom data.

Logify also provides plug-ins for integration with popular logging services, which you might already be using in your projects.

Set Up Crash Report Filters

If you find certain reports to be unnecessary for performance monitoring, you can filter them out using the following methods:

Set Up Notifications

Forward Logify Alert notifications to your email address or your team collaboration channel.

Integrate with Popular Issue Trackers

Logify Alert integrates with the following issue trackers, so that you can create a bug report based on a crash report with one click of a button:

Review and Process Reports

See how the Logify Alert web interface effectively displays information to help you uncover the reasons behind application failures, and how it allows you to shape your report list view for easy navigation and processing.

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