Edit Application Information

To view or edit application information, open the Applications tab and click a row corresponding to the required application. Logify Alert will display application information in an expandable section below the application row you clicked.

In this expandable section you can do the following.

  • Change application name and description. To do this, edit values in the corresponding fields and click Save.

  • View an API key generated for an application. This key is used to bind an application to Logify Alert.

  • Obtain information on reports sent by an application.

    The Report Count diagram shows the total number of reports and the number of reports that are currently active.

    The Reports button opens the Crash Reports page that lists all reports sent by an application.

  • Open application settings by clicking the Settings button.

  • Open instructions on how to set up an application so that it starts sending reports about unhandled exceptions to the Logify Alert service. To do this, click the Set Up Code button.

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