Search Reports by Custom Data

Logify Alert allows you to attach custom data to generated reports before sending. This article describes how to filter reports by a specific field from attached custom data.

The procedure is as follows.

  1. Include required custom data into a report. For example, your report can contain the following custom data.

  2. Add a new tag to the corresponding application's settings. For this purpose, do the following.

    • Open the Settings tab and select an application to be set up.

    • Select the Customizing | Tags node in the setting tree of contents.

    • Specify the field name (any text) and the field path. For custom data the field path is CustomData.Key_Name (so, it is CustomData.CustomerName in our case).

    • Click Allow search to add the field to the Search panel.

    • Click Save to save the changes.

  3. Filter reports by a required application name. For this purpose, click Open filters and select the application name from the ensuing list.

  4. Filter reports that contain the required custom data using the Search panel. For this purpose, do the following.

    • Switch to the Crash Reports tab and click Open search.

    • Select your tag's name from the drop-down list and specify data to be searched for.

    • Click Search.

Logify Alert will show all reports that contain the required data in the correspponding tag.

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