JIRA Integration

Logify Alert allows you to export required crash reports to JIRA tickets. By default, sent tickets contain the application name, version (if specified) and a list of exceptions.

Set up the Basic Integration

Follow the steps below to set up the basic integration with JIRA.

  1. Open the Settings tab and select an application to be set up.

  2. Select the Integrations | JIRA node.

  3. Specify required parameter values:

    • Service URL - JIRA application's Base URL.

    • Login - your JIRA login.

    • Password - your JIRA password corresponding to the login above.

  4. Click Sign in to JIRA to log into JIRA.

  5. Select the required repository to which tickets should be sent.

  6. Provide public link to crash report - Select to publish a link to a crash report within a JIRA ticket and allow all users to explore report content in read-only mode. Otherwise, this link is available only for current Logify Alert subscription members according to their access permissions.

  7. Click Save to save changes. To detach the settings group from the specified repository, click Delete.

    Click Share to share the specified account's credentials among several Logify Alert applications.

    Click Revoke to revoke the generated access token and clear corresponding settings.

Export Reports from Details

After the setup, Logify Alert will add the drop-down Export to box to the Report Details. So, to export the required report, open the report's details and click either Export to | JIRA or Export to | JIRA (OAuth).

To view your JIRA issues, use a link similar to one below.


Also, you can set up notifications sent to other communication systems. For more information on available settings, refer to the Set up the Application document.

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