Slack Notification

Logify Alert allows you to set up Slack notifications sent each time a new crash report is received from your application. By default, sent notifications contain the application name, version (if specified) and a list of exceptions.

To set up Slack notifications, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings tab and select an application to be set up.

  2. Select the Notifications | Slack node in the settings tree of contents.

  3. Logify Alert creates a new Slack notification template and shows it in the opened editor.

  4. The displayed template consists of the following settings.

    • Webhook URL
      Specifies the URL of the webhook that will post messages into Slack.

    • Channel
      Specifies the name of the Slack channel to which notifications are sent. For example, #my-channel-name.

    • User name
      Specifies under which user name notifications are sent.

    • Color
      Specifies the message color. The value can be good, warning, danger, or any hex color code, for example, #439FE0.

    • Icon URL
      Specifies the URL of the icon that will be attached to the message.

    • Notify about duplicates
      Specifies whether or not Logify Alert should also notify you about duplicate reports, not only about unique ones.

    To save the changes, click Save. To delete the settings group, click Delete below it.

  5. To change the Slack notification template, click Edit template and change the shown JSON as required. For more information on the message formatting supported by Slack, refer to the Basic message formatting document.

    Click Save to save the changes and update the template.

Also, you can set up notifications sent into other communication systems. For more information on available settings, refer to the Set Up the Application section.

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