Report Duplicates

Logify Alert treats several crash reports as duplicates if they have the same values in the following report fields:

  • ApiKey
  • ApplicationName
  • Version
  • ExceptionType
  • NormalizedStackTrace

You can specify which fields Logify Alert should take into account when detecting duplicates.

Duplicate reports (the last 50 occurrences) are stored with the initial report and displayed as a single row in the Crash Reports list. The number of occurrences is shown in the report row.

You can view all the duplicates and their differences on the Report Details page. To open it, click Details under a report row that corresponds to a set of report duplicates, and use the navigation bar at the top of the page to navigate between duplicates. When you switch to the next occurrence, Logify Alert highlights data values that differ from the previous report's values.

To view all unique field values across duplicate reports, click the ellipsis next to the data field's name and select Show unique values.

Set Up Duplicate Fields

You can select which report fields Logify Alert should use for detecting duplicates (duplicate fields).

Note: You should first create a tag for a field before you can add it to the list of predefined duplicate fields.

  1. Open the Settings tab and select an application.

  2. Select the Additional | Duplicate Fields node in the settings list.

  3. Click Add new field.

  4. Enter a field name and click Update.

    Logify Alert uses the specified duplicate fields to detect duplicates in new reports.

To delete the settings group, click Delete.

Report Duplicates from madExcept

If you upload reports to Logify Alert from madExcept, use the following properties as duplicate fields to group report duplicates depending on whether your application is single or multi-threaded:

  • Single-threaded applications

    Use the default Exception.StackTrace duplicate field, or add the CallstackCrc.MainThread property instead. In this case, Logify Alert checks the main thread's stack trace to mark a report as a duplicate.

  • Multi-threaded applications
    Add the CallstackCrc.ExceptionThread property as a duplicate field to compare crashed threads' call stacks.

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