JS Map Files

The JS Map Files setting allows you to upload the source map and original files (up to 4 MB) that correspond to your JavaScript application.

If your JS application uses files converted from other languages (for example, typescript) or minified JS files, the exception’s call stacks will contain lines from these files (converted or minified), but not from the original ones. To obtain correct stack lines (that are lines from the original files), Logify Alert allows you to upload MAP and original files to our server to change lines from converted files to lines from original files.

Moreover, if you get your resulting file via several operations (for example, converting from typescript and then minification), you can upload original and intermediate MAP files, so that Logify Alert unmaps your call stack iteratively.

To obtain the original call stack that corresponds to the original file, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings tab and select an application to be set up.

  2. Select the Additional | JS Map Files node in the settings tree of contents.

  3. Click Select files and navigate to the corresponding MAP and original files. Alternatively, drag and drop files into the frame.

Alternatively, you can upload MAP and original files to the service using the gulp-logify-alert plugin. For this purpose, execute the npm install gulp-logify-alert --save-dev command and add a new gulp task to your application as follows.

var gulpLogify = require('gulp-logify-alert');

gulp.task('uploadFiles', function(){


  • MAP files must have the same name as the resulting file plus an extension ".map".

  • If the uploaded MAP file doesn't contain the original file's content, it is required to upload both MAP and original JS files.

  • All files are uploaded to the same level. So, files with equivalent names replace each other.

  • Logify Alert unmaps JS files iteratively. So, if an unmapped file represents an intermediate file, Logify Alert unmaps it until it becomes an original file.

If all of the requirements above are met, Logify Alert shows the original call stack in Report Preview and Report Details.

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