Preview a Report

Logify Alert allows viewing either full or brief report information. This topic describes how you can view a report preview. For more information on how to view complete (full) report information, refer to the Report Details document.

To open a report preview, follow the instructions below.

  1. Activate the Crash Reports tab. By default, this tab shows all Active reports sent from your applications. To view all of the application reports (not only the active ones), disable all filters in the Status Filter list. For more information on filtering reports, see the Filter Reports document.

  2. To view the required report's preview, click the corresponding line in the crash reports list.

  3. After you click the report row, Logify Alert will open an expandable section below this row. It contains the exception type and the call stack that caused the application crash.

    Stack lines that are treated as My Code are bold.

You can use the expanded section to perform any of the operations below.

View Report Details

To view detailed information on the corresponding report, click Details at the top of the expanded section.

Ignore or Close Report

To ignore or close the corresponding report, click Ignore Always or Close in Version at the top of the expanded section, respectively.

Find Other Reports with the Same Text

Select the phrase to be treated as a filter in the call stack. The text will be automatically transformed into a button. Click the button and Logify Alert will filter other reports by the corresponding text. For more information on filtering reports, refer to the Filter Reports document.

Collapse Required Call-Stack Lines

Select stack lines to be collapsed and click the minus sign on the left. Logify Alert automatically offers to create a corresponding rule within the Collapse Call Stack Lines setting. Click Save to create a rule and command Logify Alert to collapse the specified call stack lines in the current report and all new reports.

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