Predefined Auto-Ignore Rules

Logify Alert provides the following predefined auto-ignore rules to automatically reject crash reports that match a specific criterion:

  • Ignore known bots
    Filters out reports from known bots.

  • Ignore 404 error
    Filters out reports with the 404 Not Found error.

  • Ignore .local domain and localhost
    Filters out all local reports.

  • Ignore reports without My Code
    Filters out reports that do not contain code defined as My Code.

Follow the steps below to set up filters for new reports:

  1. Open the Settings page and select an application.

  2. Select the Ignoring | Auto Ignore setting.

  3. Enable the required filters.

    Refer to other settings and specify filters manually if the predefined filters do not meet your requirements.

  4. The changes are automatically saved.

An Active report automatically has the Ignored by Rule status if it meets a rule you have specified.

Known Bots

Logify Alert automatically rejects reports from the following bots when you enable the Ignore known bots setting.

  • Ahrefs Bot

  • Asafaweb

  • Baidu Spider

  • Bing Bot

  • Bing Preview

  • BLEX Bot

  • BUbiNG

  • Cliqz Bot

  • Cococ

  • DotBot

  • Exabot

  • FacebookExternalHit

  • FemtosearchBot

  • Findx Bot

  • Google Bot

  • HubSpot Links Crawler

  • LTX71

  • Bot

  • Memory Bot

  • Mj12 Bot

  • MSN Bot

  • oBot

  • Roger Bot

  • Semrush Bot

  • SEOkicks

  • Seznam Bot

  • SimilarTech Bot

  • Sogou Web Spider

  • Sputnik Image Bot

  • Uptime Robot

  • Yahoo! Slurp

  • Yandex Bot

  • Yisou Spider

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