Call Stack Auto-Ignore Rules

By default, Logify Alert assigns the Active status to all new crash reports. However, developers might need to automatically ignore reports that match a specific criterion. For this purpose, you can set up Stack-Based auto-ignore rules by specifying various filters and conditions. This type of auto-ignore rule allows you to set up criteria based on the exception you received. This is useful when you don't want to get reports about exceptions that contain specific rows in a call stack.

Note: These settings are based on the exception's call stack. That's why such rules require generating at least one crash application report.

To set up stack-based auto-ignore rules, create a new rule and then modify it, if needed.

Create a New Rule

  1. Open the Logify Alert web interface ( Logify Alert will show the Crash Reports tab. By default, reports are sorted by the Date/Time column in descending order. So, the latest reports are shown at the top of the reports list.

  2. To view the required report's information, click the corresponding card in the reports list and then click Details in the ensuing popup section. Logify Alert will open a new page that describes the required crash report.

  3. Click Create rule on the right of the required exception in the Exceptions section.

  4. Logify Alert will open the Stack-Based Auto Ignore page that assists you in specifying required settings.

    The Proceeded Exception drop-down list specifies which exceptions are proceeded when new crash reports are received. The available variants are: Inner, Outer and All (both inner and outer).

    The Keep Calls Distance check box indicates whether or not Logify Alert takes into account not only the selected call stack lines, but also the distance between these lines.

    In the list of call stack lines with check boxes, you can select lines to be searched for in crash reports' call stacks.

  5. Specify the required setting values and click Save. Now, all new reports that match the specified rule are rejected.

Modify and Delete Existing Rules

After you create a new rule, it is automatically added to the Stack-Based application settings group. To access these settings, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings tab and select an application to be set up.

  2. Select the Ignoring | Stack-Based node in the settings tree of contents. It contains all (enabled and disabled) stack-based rules specified for the corresponding application.

  3. When you hover the mouse cursor over a rule, the Edit and Delete buttons appear.

    To edit the required rule, click Edit. If after editing an existing rule, any of the Active reports starts meeting it, this report automatically gets the Ignored by Rule status.

    To remove the required rule, click Delete.

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