Add Tags to Reports

Logify Alert allows you to add additional fields (tags) to the list of predefined fields used for auto-ignoring, searching or detecting duplicates. You can add tags in the following ways:

  • Create tags based on existing fields from a raw report using the Logify Alert web interface: on the Customizing | Tags settings page or from Report Details (see the Tags document for more information);
  • Use the client’s Tags property to add tags with the specified values to reports your application sends to the server. This document describes how to do this for the WinForms, Web and WPF clients.

Create Tags

To add a tag to a report, specify the Tags property when configuring a Logify Alert client in code or a configuration file.

LogifyAlert client = LogifyAlert.Instance; client.ApiKey = "SPECIFY_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"; // The name can only consists of a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _ characters. client.Tags["OS"] = "Win8.1"; client.StartExceptionsHandling();

<configuration>   <configSections>     ...     <!--The line below depends on your application's platform. The example corresponds to WinForms applications.-->     <section name="logifyAlert" type="DevExpress.Logify.LogifyConfigSection, Logify.Alert.Win"/>     ...   </configSections>   ...   <logifyAlert>     <apiKey value="SPECIFY_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"/>     <tags>       <add key="OS" value="Win8.1" />       ...     <tags/>   </logifyAlert> </configuration>

View Tags

The created tag is shown in the Tags section of the received report’s Report Details page.

It is also automatically added to the Customizing | Tags settings page with Allow search enabled.

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