Collect Minidump

Logify Alert allows you to attach a minidump file to a crash report automatically. It collects just the information necessary to capture stack traces for all existing threads in a process.

To enable this functionality, set the CollectMiniDump property to true in code or in a configuration file.

LogifyAlert client = LogifyAlert.Instance; client.ApiKey = "SPECIFY_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"; client.CollectMiniDump = true; client.StartExceptionsHandling();

<configuration>   <configSections>     ...     <!--The line below depends on your application's platform. The example corresponds to WinForms applications.-->     <section name="logifyAlert" type="DevExpress.Logify.LogifyConfigSection, Logify.Alert.Win"/>     ...   </configSections>   ...   <logifyAlert>     <apiKey value="SPECIFY_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"/>     <collectMiniDump value="true"/>   </logifyAlert> </configuration>

You can download a minidump file from the corresponding section of the received report’s Report Details page.

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