Save Reports Offline

Sending crash reports to Logify Alert requires an Internet connection to be available. If your application does not temporary have the Internet access, enable the client's OfflineReportsEnabled property so you do not loose generated reports. In this case, Logify Alert will save the required number of last report to your hard drive. And once the Internet connection is available, call the client's SendOfflineReports() method to resend kept reports to Logify Alert.

LogifyAlert client = LogifyAlert.Instance; client.ApiKey = "SPECIFY_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"; client.OfflineReportsEnabled = true; // Keeps no more than 20 last reports within the <directory-path-for-offline-reports> directory client.OfflineReportsCount = 20; client.OfflineReportsDirectory = "<directory-path-for-offline-reports>"; // Once an Internet connection is available, call the method below client.SendOfflineReports();

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