Remote Client Configuration

Logify Alert allows you to set up client configuration remotely. Set the client’s AllowRemoteConfiguration to true to enable this functionality.

To create a new client configuration remotely, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings tab and select an application to be set up.

  2. Select the Customization | Client Config node in the settings tree of contents.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Specify configuration parameters:

    • Hardware ID

      Set this value to create a client configuration for an application which is run on a particular device or computer. This value is automatically generated on the client and shown in the Report Details page's Generic Info section of any report an application sends to Logify Alert, when the client’s AllowRemoteConfiguration property is set to true.

      If you leave the Hardware ID field empty, the specified configuration will be applied to all applications.

      Note that a hardware ID identifies a device or computer in which an application is run and does not contain any personal data.

    • Configuration fetch interval

      Set a time interval, in minutes, to specify how often the configuration should be loaded from the server.

      You can also specify a configuration fetch interval and load remote configuration in code using the client's RemoteConfigurationFetchInterval property and the LoadRemoteConfiguration method.

    • Collect screenshots

      Specify whether to attach screenshots to reports.

    • Collect minidumps

      Specify whether to attach minidump files to reports.

    • Collect breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs' max count

      Specify whether to enable collecting breadcrumbs automatically and set the maximum allowed size of the attached breadcrumbs.

    • Enable offline reporting, offline reports' count

      Specify whether to enable offline reporting and set the number of last reports to be saved once an Internet connection is lost.

    • Click Save.

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