Subscription Settings

The Logify Alert service is supplied using the subscriptions mechanism. A new subscription is added once you buy a Logify Alert license. Follow these steps to set up your subscriptions:

  1. Open the Manage tab.

  2. The Subscription drop box with a current subscription’s name allows you to change the subscription. For this, select the name from the corresponding drop-down list.

  3. Use the invoked Profile page to set up the following parameters:

    • Name and Email boxes indicate the subscription owner's details. These fields are read only and contain details specified when purchasing the subscription.

    • Notification Email box specifies the email address where notifications about new Logify reports and daily digests should be sent. If empty, the Email box address is used.

    • Your Time Zone - allows you to specify your time zone for the correct date/time values in notifications.

    • Translate Reports - indicates whether Logify Alert automatically translates reports with a non-English locale.

    • Current Subscription Plan - specifies the name of a current plan. To change this plan, the subscription owner should switch to the Manage Subscription page (the page is not displayed for other subscription members) and click Change under the required plan.

      Subscription Renewal Date - specifies the subscription renewal date.

      Report Limit Reset Date - specifies the next limits reset date.

    • Incoming Report - displays a chart-based presentation of incoming reports number per date.

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